Designs by Dhona

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Designs by Dhona is pleased to offer the following services:

Custom and Special Orders - Allow us to create a piece made By Design with you in mind.  Give us your desired color and style and let us use our creative genius to do the rest!

Jewelry Re-design - Bring your boring, old or out-dated jewelry and allow us to give it new life.

Repairs - Bring your broken pieces and we can put them back together again. Repairs are done on a Time and Material basis - payment is due in advance. Rates: $20/hour plus cost of material. Minimum charge is 15 minutes or $5.00. DBD original pieces have a one time courtesy repair, all other repairs are subject to the rates as outlined. All non-DBD jewelry pieces are repaired according to the above listed rates and have a 3 to 4 week lead time. Expedited service rates are available upon request. 

Trunk Shows and In-home Parties - Please use the "Contact" form to book your next in-home party. Lot's of incentives (free stuff) for the Party Host/Hostess! You select the venue, invite your guest and we will show up with fresh designs guaranteed to "wow" your attendees! (Ten guest minimum for all in-home parties & trunk shows.)